Leading financial software company increases engagement & demand by over 30% with Reactful

“The end result has been record level opportunities within one quarter of implementation. I cannot speak highly enough of Reactful, and its many uses in our web experience.”

– Aristomenis Capogeannis
Head of Digital Marketing at Sage Intacct

Case Study: Sage Intacct

Sage Intacct is the innovation and customer satisfaction leader in cloud Financial Management, bringing cloud computing to finance and accounting.

Some of Sage Intacct’s primary challenges include driving more website visitors to specific lead generation pages and increasing form fills on those pages. Using machine learning and AI, Reactful was able to convert idle visitors on the Sage Intacct site into over 5,000 leads.


  • Increase Views of Sage Intacct Software Reviews
  • Increase Trial Signups
  • Increase Demo Requests

Reaction Examples:

To increase form submits to view Sage Intacct’s comparison report on the G2 Crowd comparison website, a reaction was created for hesitant users:

  • A Lightbox reaction is triggered when a user shows Idle behavior

To increase trial signups, reactions were launched to grab attention and prompt users to try it for free:

  • A Top Bar reaction is triggered when a user scrolls down the page.

To increase form submits for viewing a demo, a reaction was made to encourage new visitors to see how the product works

  • A Right Sidebar reaction is triggered when a user shows Idle behavior.

Overall Results

Goal 1: Increase Review Views

  • 30% Increase in comparison views
  • 99% Statistically significant

Goal 2: Increase Trial Signups

  • 43% Increase in signups
  • 99% Statistically significant

Goal 3: Increase Demo Requests

  • 36% Increase in form submits
  • 99% Statistically significant

Over 5k leads generated with Reactful!

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Why Sage Intacct chose Reactful

The main challenge for Sage Intacct was to increase submissions on various lead forms in an innovative way. With Reactful, they found that not only did they increase conversions, but they also improved user engagement along the way.

They segmented their reactions based on new and returning visitors, something they could never do before. This provides a strategic and personalized way to engage with their users at the right time with the right message – making them more likely to convert.

With Reactful, Sage Intacct had the freedom to launch and update reactions within minutes, without the need for any programming. By using the right reactions, triggered at the right time based on their visitor’s digital body language, they were able to achieve amazing uplifts in lead generation!

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