Hover Trigger Now Available!

We have added a new trigger for you to use, adding to our library of digital body behaviors!

Introducing the:

Hover Trigger

This trigger falls under our ‘Element’ triggers. Simply select the element you want to use, and once a user hover overs this element – it will trigger your reaction.

This is an extension to our other trigger: Interest/Reading –  but reacts as a more immediate trigger.

Reaction ideas:

This trigger works well when being paired with:

  • Tooltip. When a user hovers over a certain button, react with a tooltip with an encouraging message to make sure the user clicks on the button:

  • Subtle Reactions. ‘Shake’ or ‘Swing’ a button that corresponds with the element selected for the trigger.
  • Opposite Sidebar Reaction. Engage with visitors with the right message when they’re hovering over the specific text.

We love suggestions! If you have any cool ideas or questions, email them to support@reactful.com and we’ll get back to you.

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