A/B Test Your Reactions

Reaction A/B Testing

For digital marketers, A/B testing is a regular necessity for all aspects of website optimization, from copy to layout (and everything in between). It helps you continuously optimize your website experience and see what works best for your visitors.

Not only does A/B testing provide insight into the behaviors of your website visitors, but it also helps identify new opportunities for improvement.

Reactful has always embraced A/B testing capabilities, and we are excited to announce that with our latest release, we have made it even easier for you to A/B test multiple reactions.

Step 1: Clone Reactions

Whenever you are ready to setup your A/B test, simply identify the first (or A) variant of your test.  Then, simply clone your reactions to easily create a different variant.  Cloning allows you to quickly make changes to the criteria you want to test.  For example, make a clone and change the copy, image, reaction type or trigger to create a second variant.  To test multiple variants, simply create more clones!  There’s no limit to what you can test.

Enable A/B Testing Option

After saving your reaction, simply enable the “A/B Testing” option to include the reaction in the A/B test.  Enable this option for all reactions you wish to include in your A/B test. Once this option has been enabled, your visitor traffic will automatically be randomly split in between the different reactions.

Read more in our support document here.

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