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I Got my analytics... Now what ?

Getting analytics is the easy part, but benefiting from them is both time consuming and labor intensive. If you've been struggling to gain value from your analytics, know you are not alone-

70% of North American companies claim that turning data into actions is the greatest issue to address within their marketing organization.

-IBM Unica Annual survey of marketers

Does your website listen to your visitors ?

As your visitors go through your website they express what they care for. Letting your website listen to your visitors is the first step to truly engage them, and turn them into customers. Read more.

Does your website react in real-time ?

Even after insights are distilled, programmers and designers might spend long hours optimizing your website. Once those manipulations are finalized, the website stops responding to your visitors’ interests and actions. What if you could have your website continuously optimized? Read more.

Your website can be reactful

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Engage your visitors

If only you had all the time in the world, you would have personally met with each of your customers in order to truly understand their wants. We know we would have. Reactful enables your website to analyze your visitors’ digital body language, read out their moods, and predict their next moves. Learn more

Let your website react

Just like in a human interactive face-to-face conversation Reactful instantly responds to each potential customer with the right reactions in the right time. Read more.

More conversions. Less work

With a single line of code, Reactful completes the entire optimization loop for you. Automatically distilling insights from your data, and applying the appropriate reactions in real time. Your Reactful website can now tailor itself at any moment, getting you more business, with zero effort on your end. Read more.

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