Reactful Goals

Exceed your marketing goals

Reactful ensures that your campaigns are impacting your marketing and website goals.

  • See the impact of Reaction’s AI at improving your marketing goals
  • Identify new opportunities for increasing results
  • Machine learning aligns directly with your goals

What is a goal?

Reactful goals are website goals you wish to track. You can track the performance of your website goals and more importantly, the impact of reactions on your website goal. Website goals should align with your marketing goals including total video views, page views, form fills, and other online conversions. Reactful makes it easy to quickly identify goals and begin tracking in real-time.

You can also update goals over time including archiving and deleting goals which are no longer a priority.

Why are goals important?

All marketers should align their efforts with their website goals and objectives. Identifying goals helps target marketing campaigns and measure their effectiveness. Reactful helps ensure you remain focused with your efforts and can help demonstrate the impact of your efforts.

Where to get started?

All you need to do to get started is identify your next marketing and website goal.  Here are some ideas:

  • Views of a new video
  • Clicks of your call to action
  • Downloads of a resource
  • Visits to a new product page
  • New sign ups for a newsletter
  • New subscriptions to your service
  • Additional purchases
  • So many more!

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