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What Reactful customers have to say...

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    David WinterhalterCentage Corporation

    Reactful allows us to react to users' behavior, guide them through the site and encourage them to take action. Using ‘Form Leave’ reactions we were able to increase form submits by over 20%!

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    Sally LuKimberly Clark APAC

    Reacting to our users' behavior at different points of their visit has allowed us to increase purchases by 5% and registrations to our sites by 10%

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    Dave SavoyFarmers Insurance

    The results were clear and positive with conversion rate increasing significantly among visitors who were delivered the key messages.

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    Ari CapogeannisSage Intacct

    "With Reactful, I’ve been able to boost our visitor re-engagement, guiding that behavior toward binge consumption of assets. The end result has been record level opportunities within one quarter of implementation.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why do I need Reactful?

    Even the most optimized websites have visitors that are interested in your service, but leave your site without converting. We call these “maybe later” visitors. The problem is “later” often never comes. Reactful is the only platform designed to convert more “maybe later” visitors to “let’s do this!” during their visit.

  • How does Reactful read visitor intent?

    Reactful’s tracking code detects “digital body language” of visitors by tracking their mouse movements, scrolling, clicks, idle time, engagement with content, and many other behaviors. Reactful’s algorithms interpret this data to determine visitor intent.

  • Will Reactful work on my dynamic site/ blog/ landing pages, even if they’re hosted outside my domain?

    Yes! Reactful can work on anything as long as it is an HTML page (which is 99% of pages out there). We now also support single page application.

  • Which other tools does Reactful work with?

    Reactful works with most popular optimization tools on the market - heatmaps, Google Analytics, Segment, Mixpanel, Clicktale, A/B testing tools, marketing automation tools etc.

  • Does Reactful work on mobile applications?

    Reactful works on mobile web, but not mobile applications.

  • Will Reactful slow down my site?

    No. Reactful loads asynchronously. This means your content loads first, and Reactful loads last. We have also optimized the Reactful code snippet to be as lean as possible and to have a negligible effect on your site’s performance.

  • How do I get started?

    Sign up on our website, install a simple code snippet on your site, and start unlocking more conversions in minutes! You can sign up for a monthly basis, or annually (unlock large discounts on annual and multi-year signups).

  • Which goals can I improve with Reactful?

    Reactful has many goal type options pre-set like improving time on site, capturing leads, reaching a thank-you page, and more. Don’t see a pre-set goal you want to improve? Create a custom goal with custom event tracking.

  • Do reactions really make a difference on my bottom line? How fast can I get results?

    They really do! Each reaction is crafted to improve the performance of your website and increase conversion rates. It depends on your site’s traffic: the more traffic you have, the faster you will get results. Results usually range from a few days, and in very low traffic cases, one month. We recommend having a minimum of 10k sessions a month when you start using Reactful.


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