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Reactful is a real-time website optimization platform that triggers reactions to visitor intent to turn more ‘maybe laters’ into engaged prospects and customers. We help convert visitors that are  “on the fence” by understanding their “digital body language” such as “confusion”, “hesitation”, “interest”, “form abandonment” and more, and reacting accordingly in real time.

Reactions can be as subtle as shaking a button gently or attention grabbing such as folding an element in 3D. Reactful continuously analyzes your traffic and recommends best practice reactions to be launched with one click.

Reactful powers some of the largest Brands in the world such as Kimberly Clark and Coca Cola, as well as many innovative B2B customers across the US and the world.

What does it take?

Simply inserting a line of code on all pages of your website.

Awesome extras?

Integrate with your favorite marketing tools, like Marketo and Hubspot.

About the Founders


Jonathan Friedman


Founded which was later acquired by StudyPortals. He interned at Goldman Sachs and Uventure and has a BSc, MSc (Cum Laude) from Rotterdam School of Management & the Wharton School of Business. 


aaron headshot

Aaron Hakim


Previously dev-team leader at Intigua. Served as an officer, project leader & researcher at an elite IDF intelligence unit. Architecting army-grade, Real-time infrastructure. Full stack developer w/ 15 years of hands on development exp.


What People Are Saying


  • “The results Reactful quickly produces makes becoming a customer a no-brainer.” – Alon Matas, Betterhelp
  • This technology is the most fundamental game changer I’ve seen in my 20 year career.” – Tushar Atre,  CEO of AtreNet
  • Using “Form Leave” reactions, we were able to increase From Submits by over 20%!” – David Winterhalter, Centage
  • We use Reactful on both Desktop and Mobile version of our site. Reacting to our users’ behavios at different points of their visit has allowed us to increase purchases by 5% and registrations to our sites by 10%” – Sally Ly, Kimberly Clark APAC
  • Using Reactful we ere able to see significant pick up in Free Trial conversions! Using the tool is simple – whenever we have something new to promote, we can create a new reaction in minutes ad encourage users to register to learn more.” – Oren Ezra ,Pepperi
  • Reactful helps our clients to improve their website’s user experience and increase conversion rates.  We recommend using it for any website operator who is searching for a simple and efficient way to increase conversion rates.” – Yair Carmel, Carmelon


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