Product Update: Image Reactions & Scheduler now available!

We also know that sometimes you may want to create a Reaction, and turn it on next week, or next month, or even turn it on only during weekends.

But who can remember to turn it on, and then off, and then on again?
Well, now Reactful will remember that for you!

With our brand new scheduling feature, you’ll be able to create all the reactions you want, and have the system activate and deactivate them automatically at times you select.

You can mix & match! Set a reaction to work from Jan. 1  – 31, but only on Mondays.

Image Reactions

A picture is worth a thousand words.
So why not use them in reactions to increase their effect? Now you can!

When creating a Lightbox, Notification or Sidebar reaction, you can now add an image: as an element or as the background for the reaction.

Read all about Image Reactions here

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