Product Update: Additonal Reaction Settings and More!

Here at Reactful we’re a bunch of busy bees, always working to improve our product!

So in case you were wondering what we’ve been working on lately, here are the top features we recently added:

Additional Reaction Settings

In the Reaction Studio you will now see additional settings for some reactions. For example, you can blur the page behind a Side Bar, or determine when to fade-out the spotlight:

Exclude IP Address

Don’t want visits from your own company to alter the results? In the “Website Settings” you can now simply exclude any IP address:


Region Based Segmentation

Get even more specific with your reactions! You can now create reactions only for users from a specific region:

That’s it for now! Follow us and we’ll keep you posted with all our newest updates and features 🙂

We love suggestions! If you have any cool ideas or questions, email them to and we’ll get back to you – we read every email.

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