Integration and Segmentations Available!

Here at Reactful, we value feedback from our users and work hard to add features that can improve your experience and maximize your results.

We are happy to announce a new integration and segmentation feature for our Reactful users, we hope you like them!

Mixpanel Integration

You can now view Reactful events within your Mixpanel account and funnels.
If you have Mixpanel on your site, all you need to do is activate the integration from Website Settings > Integrations:

Read more about this integration here!

Cookie Based Segmentation

On top of the existing segmentation options, we’ve now added the option to segment reactions based on your site’s cookies. This allows you to create specific reactions for these segments, or alternatively exclude segments from reactions. Learn how to setup these segments here.

Cross Domain Goal Connection

If your website has sub-domains, you can now connect these domains by using Cross Domain Goals.
This allows you to create reactions on one domain, but track goal complete events on a different domain. Learn more about this goal setup here.

Have any interesting features in mind? We’d love to hear your ideas!

Feel free to email us – we read and reply to every email.

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