MongoDB CMO explains how Reactful impacts their business

MongoDB Reactful Interview

We recently caught up with Meagen Eisenberg, CMO of MongoDB, to hear why Reactful is their leading conversion tool.  Watch her short interview to learn how Reactful impacts their business.

(transcript below)

Hi, I’m Meagen Eisenberg, the CMO of MongoDB.  We’re an open-sourced database company.

Q: What do you think of Reactful and how does it impact your business?

Meagen: As a marketer, we’re supposed to really focus on attracting, converting and keeping customers.  What I love about Reactful is that it really improves your conversion rate on your website.  We spend all this money to get people to our web properties and then we lose them if we don’t put the right content in front of them, or create this great experience.  Reactful really creates a really interactive experience based on their intent, and their action, what they’re doing.  And we spend a lot on content so I want to make sure that they see the content, they interact with it and they convert.

Q: How is Reactful different from other conversion tools?

Meagen: So Reactful is different than other conversion tools out there because it really responds based on their reactions on your website. It’s looking at their intent, where they move the mouse, if they are about to leave the page, and so it serves up the right response based on that and helps us engage better with our web audience as well as have them convert based on the content that makes the most sense.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Meagen!

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