Introducing the Next Level of Web Personalization

reactful website personalization

Today, we’re announcing Inline Reactions for the next level of website personalization.ā€‹

Personalizing the FULL Web Experience

From the start, Reactful has offered a comprehensive set of reactions to actively engage with visitors in real-time based on their predicted intent.  From subtle animations to comprehensive overlay messages, the combination of reactions with dynamic triggers has helped personalize every visitor’s journey.

Now, we’re introducing a new reaction type to complement our existing set – inline reactions.

reactful website personalization

What is an Inline Reaction?

Inline reactions allow you to personalize your existing web content to different visitors.  Used in conjunction with personas, inline reactions allow you to personalize native content by adding new content or replacing existing content.  Whether it’s adding a CTA or replacing your entire hero image, inline reactions are up for the job.

Here are just a few popular use cases:

  • Display different content for specific user segments (e.g. personalize content based on visitor demographics)
  • Add promotional content only for relevant visitors
  • Test marketing messages across different segments

We know we’ve just scratched the surface.  Stay tuned for more ways inline reactions can contribute to your personalized web experience.

Inline Reaction Highlights

We built inline reactions to be complementary to the existing Reactful platform.  Here are some of the main capabilities:

  • Use inline reactions to impact any website content including images, videos, buttons and more!
  • Leverage existing personas to target specific visitors
  • Full integration capability with first or third party data sources such as 6sense
  • A/B testing capabilities enabled
  • Complementary to other reaction types, pair inline reactions with your favorite subtle or layer reactions

Learn more about getting started with inline reactions.

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