7 Ways To Go Beyond Exit Intent


If you are using popups on your site, you already know how effective they can be. You are likely to increase leads and sales, while also decreasing bounce rates. It seems like a no-brainer, even when it causes a minor annoyance to visitors. But, with website technology continually improving, there is, even more, you can do on your site to improve your engagement, and we…

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The 3 Elements Every Tech Marketer Needs to Hone Their Digital Language


Getting visitors to convert is all about quality of communication between marketers and their site visitors. But what is this communication really based on? Non-Violent Communication or NVC, refers to a collaborative process of communication in which humans are able to compassionately give and receive personal details in order to drive a quality interaction. Dr. Marshall B. Rosenberg, who developed the concept in the 1960s,…

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How to Leverage Your Automation Tools to Read Your Customer’s Mind


Imagine if you had the key to every marketers dreams - What if you could read minds online? With the power to read minds, you'd be the most empathetic person on the planet. Nobody would be able to resist your charm. We would all be at the mercy of your good or bad intentions. Reading minds would allow for businesses to automatically tap into the…

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The low-hanging fruit to faster website conversions? Emotional Intelligence.


Let’s start with some cold-hard truths: Marketing experts who use their data to make generalizations about users, will soon feel the sting of their inability to personalize. It may occur that the brand received a quick influx of visitors, but not long after this first-wave, the users will slowly begin to drop off. So, what happened? The problem is straight-forward: The companies made the mistake…

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What Is Digital Body Language and Why It’s The Future Of Conversion Optimization


Imagine you were a sales rep in a store, interacting with clients face to face all day long. If you’ve been doing this for a while, you’ve probably developed a 6th sense when it comes to understanding your prospects. You can tell by facial gestures, body posture, and hand motions exactly what they’re thinking at the moment. You would also know if they’re happy or…

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The Complete Event List for Growth Hackers in 2016


Finding a solid list of growth hacking events online is hard. You basically have to go through tons of news sites, company sites, niche sites and more, hand picking one event after the other.It's time-consuming. Trust me. It's time-consuming. Trust me. As a part of the planning process we did for 2016, I had to do exactly that - find as many events as possible.…

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Nail CRO by following these 45 Conversion Rate Optimization experts


As the conversion rate expert for you company, you always want to stay on top of the latest news, trends, and best practices. But with topics like CRO, growth hacking, content marketing and UX, new articles are coming out every day. How do you choose what to read and what article is worthy of your time? You can't just spend your entire day reading every article…

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The basics: How to encourage trust, passion and excitement in your visitors


Getting visitors to convert is all about quality of communication between marketer and their site visitors. But what is this communication really based on and how does it relate to your digital language? (more…)

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Emotion driven design: The conversion expert’s best kept secret


The concept of emotion-centric design has made its way around the design world. Having an EQ as a designer means that you can tap into how your target audience feels and unlock the once-mysterious door to online engagement and emotional captivation. (more…)

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